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When it comes to professional jewelry services, few jewelers are as equipped to deliver like the team at Rubys Fine Jewelry. With over 40 years of professional service, you can trust that your family jewels are in good hands.

Jewelry Maintenace
Jewelry Repair
Jewelry Maintenance


Jewelry Maintenance



Gold Electroplating

Rhodium Plating

Jewelry Spa

Jewelry Enameling

Jewelry Cleaning

Bring your jewelry anytime you visit us in-store for a complimentary touch-up. We will remove any dirt with our Ultrasonic machine and solution before pressure steaming the piece.


Jewelry Repair


Earring Post Repair/Replacement

Custom Service Request/Estimate

Rebuild or Replace a Prong

Repair Broken Chain

Tighten Loose Stones

Set Gemstone

Set Diamond

Broken Jump Ring

Bail Repair/Replacement

Re-tip Prongs

Hinge Repair/Replacement

Restring Pearls

Broken Lock

Jewelry Repair
Full-Service Jeweler
Animated Diamond

Get in touch with us today!

Have a custom project in mind? Start here to begin creating your custom jewelry with Rubys Fine Jewelry. A unique piece of jewelry designed by you is totally possible! We can even use your old gold to make something new.

Bracelet Repair
Jewelry Repair


Bracelet Repair


Repair Broken Chain

Hinge Repair/Replacement

Broken Jump Ring

Broken Lock

Bracelet Gold Electroplating

Bracelet Rhodium Plating

Bracelet/Anklet Engraving

Bracelet Cleaning

Bracelet Polishing

Bracelet Enameling

Bracelet Appraisal

Retip Bracelet Prongs

Rebuild Bracelet Prongs

Bracelet Stone Tightening

Bracelet Stone Setting

Bracelet Stone Replacement

Necklace Repair


Necklace Repair

Chain Soldering

Chain Untangling

Chain Shortening

Hinge Repair/Replacement

Broken Jump Ring

Broken Clasp/Lock

Broken Bail

Pearl Restringing

Necklace/Pendant Gold Electroplating

Necklace/Pendant Rhodium Plating

Necklace/Pendant Engraving

Necklace/Pendant Cleaning

Necklace/Pendant Polishing

Necklace/Pendant Enameling

Necklace/Pendant Appraisal

Necklace/Pendant Prong Retipping

Necklace/Pendant Prong Rebuilding

Necklace/Pendant Stone Tightening

Necklace/Pendant Stone Setting

Jewelry Repair
Ring Repair
Jewelry Repair


Ring Repair


Ring Sizing

Ring Shank Repair

Ring Reshaping

Solder Two or More Rings Together

Ring Gold Electroplating

Ring Rhodium Plating

Ring Engraving

Ring Cleaning

Ring Polishing

Ring Enameling

Ring Appraisal

Ring Prong Retipping

Ring Prong Rebuilding

Ring Stone Tightening

Ring Stone Setting

Ring Stone Replacement

Earring Repair


Earring Repair


Earring Post Repair/Replacement

Earring Post Conversion

Hinge Repair/Replacement

Repair Jump Ring

Earring Gold Electroplating

Earring Rhodium Plating

Earring Cleaning

Earring Polishing

Earring Enameling

Earring Appraisal

Earring Prong Retipping

Earring Prong Rebuilding

Earring Stone Tightening

Earring Stone Setting

Earring Stone Replacement

Jewelry Repair
Watch Repair
Watch Repair


Watch Repair


Battery Replacement

Band Repairs

Crystal Replacement

Stem and Crown Replacement

Pressure Test

Band and Case Refinishing

Quartz Movement

Custom Engraving

Add or Remove Existing Links

Watch Gold Electroplating

Watch Rhodium Plating

Watch Polishing

Watch Appraisal

Tighten Stones

Set Stones

Stone Replacement

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