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To make sure your jewelry is always ready to shine, these tips can help you to prevent your jewelry from tarnishing and becoming dull when you can’t make into Rubys Fine Jewelry for that professional touch. 



Your jewelry pieces are a financial and emotional investment. Caring for them will not only keep them looking great, but will ensure that they will last for generations to come.

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  • You are sleeping

  • You are working out

  • You are going to a salon

  • You are cleaning

  • You are swimming

  • You are out in direct sunlight

  • You are taking a shower

All kinds of soap, lotion, sunscreen, perfume, makeup, and hairspray contain chemicals that can be harmful to your jewelry. So when you are getting dressed, it is best first to put on everything and add your jewelry last.



Proper storage of your fine jewelry pieces is essential. Diamond, gemstones, and especially pearl jewelry should never be tossed into a drawer haphazardly as they may be scratched unintentionally. Most jewelry pieces come in a lined pouch that is perfectly acceptable for storage. However, most people use a jewelry box to store their pieces. Jewelry boxes are the best because you can store all your jewelry in one place, but separate them inside the box. This way, they are carefully protected, and you’re making sure your jewelry will remain beautiful.

At-Home Cleaning
Jewelry Polishing
At-Home Jewelry Cleaning



Gold jewelry and gemstones can easily be cleaned with an At-Home Cleaning Solution recipe and a soft brush. Soft gems, like pearls and opals, can be easily scratched and damaged and will need more delicate handling.


To clean ruby or sapphire jewelry, use the At-Home Cleaning Solution recipe below. Gently brush the gemstones with a small bristle brush, especially underneath the stones where dirt collects. Rinse and dry with a lint‐free cloth.


Since the vast majority of fashioned natural emeralds contain filled fractures, it’s risky to clean them ultrasonically or with steam. Ultrasonic vibrations can weaken the already fractured stones, and hot steam can cause oil or unhardened resin to sweat out of the fractures. Use the At-Home Cleaning Solution recipe below and a gentle brush with small bristles, especially underneath the stones where dirt collects. Rinse and dry with a lint‐free cloth. 

Jewelry with softer stones like opals, pearls, turquoise, or coral needs to be cleaned a bit differently. These materials are sensitive to moisture and temperature and can shrink, expand, change colors, or crack. Instead of submerging the entire piece in liquid, we suggest dipping a microfiber cloth into warm water with a little Ivory soap to buff and clean any metal parts, and to just gently wipe the stone or natural material with a dry microfiber cloth to remove any grime until you can have the piece professionally cleaned at Rubys Fine Jewelry.



Pearls are more vulnerable to the chemicals found in cosmetics, hair spray, hair dye, and perfume. Pearls do NOT like chlorine, neither in swimming pools or even regular showers. Pearls should ONLY be cleaned with a microfiber cloth.



Opals are relatively delicate stones, which require some special care to keep them happy. Opals are fairly soft. They are also high in water content and porous, which causes them to be very sensitive to changes in climate, temperature, and humidity.  

At-Home Jewelry Cleaner
At-Home Jewelry Cleaning Supplies

At-Home Cleaning Solution

To make your own home jewelry cleaner and maintain the shine of your jewelry, just mix the ingredients and follow the directions below:  

  • 1/2 cup warm water

  • 1/4 cup Windex

  • 2 tablespoons of White Vinegar

(DO NOT use liquid on soft stones like pearls and opals)

DIRECTIONS: Soak your jewelry in the solution for 10 minutes, then gently scrub with a soft brush. Rinse and dry with lint-free cloth.

Silver Care
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Silver is delicate, and, despite our best efforts, it can still get dirty. Fortunately, sterling silver care can be as easy to clean. Using a simple microfiber cloth or special jewelry cloth (not paper towels or toilet paper) to clean your goods is the simplest method. Be sure to use different parts of the cloth to avoid spreading any tarnish. Do not use circular motions here, as it can actually make the tarnish or dirt worse. 

  • Don’t use lemon-scented/containing soap, and make sure soap doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and is phosphate-free.

  • Don’t use tap water. It contains chemicals that can damage silver.

  • Don’t soak silver pieces (or any metals for that matter) in water. Moisture is not your friend in this case. Don’t allow pieces to air dry. This will cause spotting and corrosion, especially in small crevices where water can accumulate and you can’t access.

  • Tap water and harsh detergents can permanently damage silver. Contact with stainless steel utensils will cause silver to develop black spotting. When it comes to cleaning, the most important thing is to hand was and dry quickly. The longer you leave silver exposed to food or chemicals, the harder it will be to clean. When it comes to caring for silver, you want to stay away from harsh products that can do more harm than good. If you have any questions, you can always contact us through email or call us at (954) 741-8845

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If a diamond is dirty with even just a smudge, the light will be unable to pass through and the diamond will not scintillate. Use a lint-free diamond cloth to quickly remove smudges and skin oils. Place the diamond inside the cloth and rub it firmly. Be sure to never touch the inside of the cloth because this will only add unwanted skin oils to your cleaning cloth. 




Maybe skip the dish soap when it comes to your great-grandmother's engagement ring. Certain pieces like family heirlooms, vintage pieces with unique settings, or anything with high monetary or sentimental value, should really be cleaned by a professional jeweler. Rubys Fine Jewelry knows how to truly assess your piece's needs, and have the cleaning solutions and equipment to handle any cleaning situation.


Jewelry Tip
  • For hard to reach places, use a toothpick. You might also consider purchasing a diamond polisher, usually in cream, to polish your diamonds to a high sparkle.

  • If your necklace has silk thread it can be washed in warm soapy water, followed by a rinse. Lay the piece flat or hang it up to dry the silk should straight. Otherwise use an iron on the silk setting to straighten it out.

  • Use vodka to make your diamond dazzle.

  • If you have problems with tangled up chain necklaces? Open the lock of your chain and put one side of the chain in a straw and the other side out, then close the lock. 



Jewelry insurance is a way of protecting its value from loss. You should insure any type of jewelry that is valuable to you, whether the value is in dollars and cents or emotional value. With the right coverage, jewelry insurance will repair or replace a covered piece due to loss or damage. There are two specific options to consider when insuring your jewelry:  



These policies cover jewelry theft up to a certain limit, and you may not be covered for other losses like loss from a fire. You can usually purchase what's called "scheduled personal property coverage" which is an insurance policy extension that covers specifically listed items.



Jewelry insurance is a specific type of insurance that may cover loss due to theft as well as other damage. Premiums will vary based on use, where the jewelry is stored, the type of home you have, and whether or not there is a security system. Coverage can cost as little as 1% to 2% of the jewelry's value. 

Necklace and Charm

Wearing fine jewelry is truly a rewarding experience. Whether you prefer wearing jewelry with gemstones, diamonds, or precious metals like gold or platinum, in order to keep their fantastic look, you must clean your jewelry. Unfortunately, there is no one right way. Each and every piece of jewelry requires a specific cleaning regimen. You must be careful to only use the methods recommended for each type of material, especially the weaker materials. Following a cleaning regimen carefully, will keep your jewelry looking like new for years.

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