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Rubys Fine Jewelry

A lack of transparency around pricing makes buying jewelry unfair and confusing. It can be extremely stressful if you're not sure that you're paying a fair price and we understand that.

We use a discounted,
Value-Based Pricing Formula
for selling fine jewelry.


At Rubys Fine Jewelry, we offer our customers VALUE with FAIR and transparent pricing. Anytime we update the pricing for our online catalog, we list the date and how much gold was that day. Why does that matter? Well, why would you purchase jewelry today, at yesterday’s prices? 


Selling jewelry online should be treated the same as shopping in person. ​That means you should not pay any more than what it is worth the day when you purchase it. Low markups and a fair and transparent pricing model is what separates Rubys Fine Jewelry from the rest.

Jewelry pricing fluctuates based on the precious metals market. So it’s only fair that we update our online pricing to reflect that change at least once a month. Rubys Fine Jewelry uses a discounted, Value-Based Pricing Formula for selling fine jewelry. Each month, after we update our online prices, we follow it closely to make sure the listed price remains fair. If the price of gold goes up and is MORE than the amount we listed it for, we will keep the pricing active up to a 10% sale difference in savings for you. If the price of gold is LESS than what Rubys Fine Jewelry has it listed for, the interactive chart below will alert customers to hold off on the purchase and to instead contact us for an updated price.


The standard markup in the jewelry business is between x2.0 and x2.5 while national jewelry chain stores markup an average of x3.5 and as high as x5.0. We offer you true value with an average markup at x1.7.

Rubys Fine Jewelry is quality materials and expert craftsmanship without
the "traditional" markup. 

Considering our prices are low year-round and you don’t need to wait for any fake sales. We know that if any retailer can give you 50% to 70% off their regular prices that they have an exorbitant markup in the first place. Imagine what their regular prices are normally and ask yourself if you should be shopping with a company like that. In our opinion, marking up jewelry as high as x5.0 just to be able to offer it at a 50% to 70% off price is truly doing a dishonor to the customer.

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